How Sarah wasn’t there, and I found my blog.

photo-29.jpgWell, hello internet community. This is my very first blog. I expect my bloggin trajectory to be quite long, pretty much emcompassing my entire life from now. As I see it, blogging and other forms of building internet identity will become crusial in our everyday life (even more so than now). I have no idea how, when, why yet, but I’m betting that it will be.

A very good friend of mine, Sarah Cove, shares this gut feeling, this hunch that seems to make so much sense but I can’t explain yet, and we have decided to study up on this phenomenon and try to master some skills that will allow us to articulate a cohesive story about the internet. If she doesnt agree she will respond to my blog, I trust.

I’m embarrased to admit that initially I wanted to start my blog with a pompus schpeel about CODE 2.0, a book that I have partially read and that, notwithstanding its great content, I have not even begun to explore. So you must imagine how unprepared I felt to make my first blog, my first step into what I consider the rest of my cyber life. Confronted with such qualms I called Sarah…. no answer. I opened my blog and had no idea what to write about… I called Sarah again. She wasn’t there.

Noentheless, I decided to embark on this blog. Why do I belive cyberspace is a powerful tool? Because it leads to honest, fruitful conversations about our futures. A place where communitites can be built and enriched, a new America with wild Buffalo and endless forests, great rivers and mountains, and all sorts of riches to be dicovered.

And what better way to start, than to establish a frank conversation. I’m glad I had to tackle this by myself because in the end this is my blog. A world of my curiosity, my qualms, and struggles in attempting to enter this cyber community. I know I’m not the first and wont be the last blogger, but this will certaintly be my blog, my cyber life.

Anyway, so here it is, my first cyber me. I hope to see me grow here.

I added a picture, which I dont know where it will go, but its me and my puppy.


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